Please see the plastic around you…thrown by you and all of us.

The waste that we generate in our homes is directly dumped behind your house. Rag pickers, to whom you pay 40 Rs every month, are creating havoc in the environment, by burning the garbage, including plastic. The burning of plastic creates poisonous fumes and can have damaging health effects for people who have asthmatic or heart conditions.

How do we the residents of Bandari Layout stop this? When shall we realize that we are not qualified yet to burn the environment. take a walk to the pond behind the layout, and then you would realize the dangerous mistake that you and I are committing in life.

Water stagnation in the hill filled with garbage, is only becoming a home to the mosquitoes, and would lead the rise of Dengue, the dangerous attack by any mosquito. 

The danger is waiting right in front of our door step. Our life would become miserable if we do not realise that seperation of waste into dry and wet categories is as important as any other activity in our daily life.

Start seperating your household waste. Segregate dry waste such as papers, cardboards, bottle caps, etc. Dispose wet waste and keep the dry waste with your watchman. Do not dump plastic bags. You would know more about the dangers of hugging plastic in coming posts.Image

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